Anonymous asked:

what are some cool noteworthy music events coming up?

Cool and noteworthy?
Umm personally, The Amity Affliction are playing at Hordern in September, Stereosonic is around the corner same with Defqon 1.
Also Angerfist is touring soon, or just toured. Not really sure. hahah

These are of course Sydney events, not sure what else is coming around the corner.

Not sure….

I’m currently on the bus home from the club, listening to Amity’s new album.
I had a pretty rough night, and I’m bummed cause it was a slow/quiet night and I’m pretty tired.

Overall though. I’m pretty happy dude. Studying for my dream job, DJing/producing as work, and interning for events management for my favourite club.

As most people know I’m a pretty big Amity fan. And even as I drift further from the “scene” and into EDM culture, I will always love my favourites. (One thing I’ve leaned in my 22 years, is to never turn your back on what made you, you)

But as I take this album in, although not knowing the lyrics, I’m getting the general feel as the last two releases. The anti-suicide message is once again strong with the lyrics.
But the mood for most of the songs is depression/suicide.

I’ve come to an impasse about my own feelings.

Having once dealt with adolescent depression. Youngbloods and Chasing Ghosts always made me feel like there were others who struggled with fatherlessness(yeah totally a real word), failed friendships, deaths, helplessness etc.

But this album, and subsequently most hardcore releases these days, have pulled my spirit down. Back to how I felt 4 years ago, even though those feelings have since gone.

The emotions of despair, hate, depression that these bands portray are rotting away at my soul.

Don’t know why I wrote this. Maybe I’m just over feeling the way those bands make me feel.
Maybe it’s cause I had a shitty night.
But whatever. 3.30 am tumblr posts make my bus trip seem shorter.

But really, The Destroid Remixes came out a couple days ago. And that shit off the chain. Finishing this post while having my own private dance party on the bus.

Night all.