Chicks these days be thinking their boyfriends singlet is a dress. #lel #dress #ootd #iktpq #bitches

Chicks these days be thinking their boyfriends singlet is a dress. #lel #dress #ootd #iktpq #bitches

You’ve got it all wrong.

Stop living your life with “I want”, “I wish”, “I need”.
Stop wanting needless clichés about shit like “watching the stars at 3am”.

You don’t live in a movie, nothing happens unless you make it happen. Stop dreaming, get your ass off your fucking phone and make shit happen.

And if you’re at home at 3am, get some sleep. Days don’t stop because you need to sleep.

Stop romanticising marijuana. Yeah, it’s fun to have every now and again. But it makes you a lazy slob and although it has no physical addictive properties, the feeling of escape can be addictive, especially for someone who isn’t happy.
Don’t be fooled. Not everything is as good as it seems

Learn to make your high. Good friends, good music(stop fucking listening to hardcore music all the time, give other music a fucking chance, don’t you preach open mindedness?), good vibes, stop worrying about your Facebook friends or your social media presence.

You’re a fully able human being, meet people, laugh, experience life through your eyes not your camera lens, quit your shitty job do what you want to do, follow your heart not your wallet, get drunk, smoke pot, take ecstasy but know when enough is enough don’t let it rule your whole life or your nights out with good company.

Read or don’t.
Don’t care.
I’m sick of people posting shit on the internet about all of this shit.

And stop fucking believing everything you read on the internet. Especially Facebook.

Anonymous asked:

what are some cool noteworthy music events coming up?

Cool and noteworthy?
Umm personally, The Amity Affliction are playing at Hordern in September, Stereosonic is around the corner same with Defqon 1.
Also Angerfist is touring soon, or just toured. Not really sure. hahah

These are of course Sydney events, not sure what else is coming around the corner.